Recover The Money Your Organization IS Losing

That’s correct. Losing money or revenue is not part of the plan.
AmAudit’s Assurance Program recaptures every dollar: past,
present and into the future and we’ll do it BETTER, FASTER, SIMPLER.

Elite Utility Auditors

AmAudit is comprised of utility industry veterans, CPA’s and legal experts
all led by a previous vice president of multiple national energy companies.

From Chaos To Clarity

The energy and telecommunications industry has
never been more complex. Since 2002, AmAudit has
brought clarity to hundreds of organizations nation wide.

AmAudit is an independent and unbiased auditor of your utility bills. And for our public sector clients we audit your utility tax receipts and franchise agreements. AmAudit’s service is not a financial audit, but instead is more akin to a forensic study wherein we examine more than just your utility bill or your monthly invoice expense in order to determine its validity. We dig into each line item, and establish its accuracy and validity. And unlike many so-called auditors, AmAudit is not a vendor of any service or expense it audits. Further, while many auditing firms specialize only in a single area, AmAudit has strategically combined a menu of auditing services for its clients in three key areas: electricity, natural gas, and telecommunication.

Why Choose AmAudit?

Employ veterans of Illinois Public Utilities
We produce cost saving results in 90 days
Money saved = Balanced or surplus budgets and more dollars for community resources
We find lower costs or increased revenue 100% of the time
For our Institutional, Educational, Commercial, and Industrial clients, we assist them in reducing overall expenses by identifying and correcting billing errors in each line item of a particular bill or invoice. Additionally, we examine the actual unit cost to ensure costs are optimal; and if not, AmAudit will recommend options for securing the most competitive rates. However, our goal when recommending options for more competitive rates is first and foremost to maintain existing vendors. For all billing errors, a credit is pursued from the vendor for up to 2 years or longer if possible.
For our Municipal and Governmental clients, in addition to pursuing reductions in expenses similar to our private sector clients, AmAudit assists our public sector clients in identifying areas where tax revenues or user fees are not being properly collected.  For our governmental accounts, AmAudit studies public utility franchise agreements and tax collections to see where potential revenue shortfalls may exist.  Shortfalls are identified and corrected thereby increasing our client’s revenues.